Hey!! As always its been a minute since I have blogged on here and I promise todo better about that lol. But since it has been awhile I have so much content from recent photoshoots and video shoots that I cant wait to share! 

To start things off I wanted to share something special! Chestin & Candice are not only my best friends, well more like family, but they are also a couple I love shooting. I've been thankful to capture every moment of their relationship! I did a photoshoot while they were dating and later when they were engaged as you can see below. I also was honored to film their wedding, well part of it because I was in the wedding. 

For our 3rd photoshoot together it was going to be something special!!!! A MATERNITY SHOOT! Needless to say I was very excited to shoot this special moment for them and it was my first maternity shoot so I was EXTRA excited! 

I equally can't wait til their baby boy, Chayson, is born so I can welcome him into the world and hopefully give him his first photoshoot! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them! Also check out some of the images from their gender reaveal toward the end of this blog post.

The Baby Gender Reveal Party!