Several months ago one of my best friends decided to "pop the question" to his girlfriend and she said YES!! Not long after that tho he presented me with a unique challenge. He wanted to create a love story video that told how they met in a visual way but he wanted it to be very similar to a series of bible introduction videos that can be found here: Bible Book Introductions

Now first let me explain why this was challenging. To begin all I had to work with was pictures of them during their courtship and a vocal recording that he did using his iPhone. May I add he has an excellent voice for voiceover work!! The next part was for me to recreate the graphics and style of the video to match it as CLOSELY as possible to tell there love story. This took quite a bit of time. I can't lie at first I seemed overwhelmed with the task at hand especially having about a day to work on this because I was busy with other client project deadlines and I was about to go out of town for several days. However after almost 12hrs of visualizing, creating and editing I was able to create a special one of a kind 3.5 minute video for this special couple. Without further ado here is the video below.  An Introduction to Carlos & Veronica!