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I love showing the work of other young entrepreneurs. Today I'd like to introduce you to Chelsey who is a very talented makeup artist in Jackson, MS. She is very passionate about makeup artistry and views it as a way to express herself, free of restraints.

Chelsey started taking makeup seriously late 2013. Compared to some she is very new to the industry! Although she has had no formal training she has learned everything through much practice and research. Chelsey’s first cosmetic job was Estee Lauder. Since then she has worked at Sephora, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and currently Maison Weiss.

Most of her clients know her for creating a "natural look", or what she calls “Nude Glam”. It's her trademark. This look goes beyond just "natural". It enhances what's there, and adds a dose of glam. This look isn't a carbon copy on each of her client's faces. She enhances the features that make you, YOU. That’s why she feels so many of her clients love the look. They still see themselves when she hands them the mirror. Pushing herself to push her business has been an exciting journey for her and she considers this as only the beginning!

You can see more of her work on  instagram page @makeupbychels or website

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Now that you know a little bit about Chelsey let me share with you a project we recently collaborated on. The idea originally started as a photoshoot but we decided to shoot video as well. If you know me you know I’m passionate about both so I’m always glad when I can do both for a shoot. The best thing about this shoot it that it allowed us to play around with a few ideas and concepts we have both wanted to experiment with.

Before and After of our model Imani, Makeup by Chelsey

Check out the video and images captured during the shoot below! Also, special thanks to our model for the shoot Imani, who brought some serious SLAY, and my friend and fellow Photographer Donald Bilbro for coming and assisting me with the shoot even shooting some behind-the-scenes shots! You can follow Imaniand Donald @photo_by_bilbro on instagram.

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