Welcome to another blog post!!! I'm happy to tell you about something I have been planning for awhile. I've been doing alot of traveling lately, some for vacation some for work. No matter where I go tho I'm always shooting. One thing I have always been passionate about is beautiful landscapes. Now more than ever i try to take beautiful shots of the places I travel to. 

With that being said I'm starting 2 new ongoing projects. The first one will be a collection of images of landscape photography from various locations that I travel to and people will be able to purchase high quality prints of various sizes of these images. This collection of images will be release soon and as mentioned will be an ongoing project. So be on the look out for that!

The second project is  a video series mostly of aerial video of the places I travel. Below is the first video of this series. Last week while I was doing some filming for a client in Biloxi, MS I took some time to get some drone shots of the Biloxi coastline and of Deer Island. I hope you enjoy!