Through Eyes of faith

This is a video interview from 2015 of a faithful brother I shot it as part of a personal project to interview various older friends in my circuit about there experiences in serving Jehovah throughout the years. Unfortunately the brother passed away September of last year.

Who Is your Favorite Bible Character?

A set of Interviews of some of the young ones in my congregation as they share their favorite Bible characters! Interviewed by: Mark Cleveland Interviewees: Jasmine Age 6 Nathan Age 5 Taylor Age 3 Mia Age 2 Isaac Age 3 

Outtakes from the above interview.

Yazoo, MS Congregation Kingdom Hall Build

This is a film I shot for the RBC showing the hard work and efforts of the volunteers with MS RBC #2 to build a Kingdom Hall in Yazoo City, MS. The video also gives a brief history of the congregation and the challenges they faced in selling their old Kingdom Hall and building a new one. This was the last RBC project we did in my circuit and It was such a privilege to work on.

Yazoo Kingdom Hall Dedication Highlights Film

This is a highlight video showing clips from the actual dedication program of the Yazoo Kingdom Hall.

Introduction to Carlos and Veronica

This was a very CHALLENGING project!! One of my best friends had gotten engaged and wanted a video telling the story of how he and his fiance met but he wanted it to be similar to the "bible introduction" videos. Using photoshop to recreate the graphics and FCPX to put the video together using the pictures and voice over he provided this is what I was able to create. It took about 14hrs of work but it was a very fun project that tested my creativity.

Live Production Sample

Here is a sample of my live production setup. At our last circuit assembly I had the privilege of using my gear with the help of many brothers to create a live video iMag very similar to what is done at the regional convention. We used 2 production cameras, Blackmagic video switcher, mac computer for playback with playbackPro software, and 2 10x14ft rear projector screens with two 4700 lumen projectors. Below are some pictures of our setup.

Brighton, UT Drone Film

Lastly is a sample of some of my drone work. This is a compilation of shots I captured while in Brighton, Utah earlier this year on vacation.